Saul Mishkin

Saul Mishkin

Using MREs when there are emergencies? Indeed!!!

www.eversafemres.comMREs are most commonly known as military food; in fact that was their primary purpose. As time passed, multiple other uses were found for these shelf stable  meals ready to eat. One of the most important uses of MREs is as a preventative measure in case of natural disasters or other emergencies. They are the best food storage option on the market due to their small size, caloric value, nutritional balance and variety of meals that they can offer. When natural disasters like hurricane Katrina hit, people had to take action into their own hands, buying the food that was available at that time, most of them military MREs. This was driven by the fact that the food supply chain just wasn’t getting to those in need.  Therefore, they started to be proactive and stock piled military MREs in case of emergencies.

Nowadays, more manufacturers offer commercial MREs or civilian shelf stable ready to eat meals like Eversafe MREs.  Actually, there are very little few differences between civilian MREs  and military MREs.  In some instances, you might be getting better quality food with civilian MREs. U.S. military MREs are indeed not supposed to be sold for commercial

All this brings us to an important conclusion: BE PREPARED!!! Add to your emergency kit some Eversafe MREs at least for 12 days so you and your family don`t have to be concerned about food and can take care of other issues if you are in an emergency situation. is the best available online store to purchase  fresh and original  EverSafe  Ready to Eat MRE Meal Kits in the market

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