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Saul Mishkin

Triathlon Essentials


298550_10150311797183494_1497602237_n TRIATHLON : Are races that consist of three different legs: running, swimming and cycling. These leg lengths vary per triathlon, from short and quick to incredibly long and grueling distances, like in the iron man races. As this is a race, there is little to no time to change clothes between legs, beyond taking on and pulling off shoes or a shirt. So what you wear you will most likely be wearing the whole race, making it important to have exactly what you need. For competition, men and women triathletes may want to invest in a Tri-suit. Trisuits can be worn through all three events, as they are made of quick-drying, moisture-wicking material. Tri-suits come in one or two-piece suits.

SWIMMING : When you race, you should wear a tight swim suit or wetsuit to avoid dragging too much water with you. Be sure it doesn't impair the movement of your limbs or cut off the circulation to any of your limbs.When choosing a triathlon wetsuit, you should consider the temperature of the water you will be swimming in. One of the benefits of wearing a wetsuit is to keep the body warm, but also it helps the athlete to swim significantly faster. The suit must be comfortable from crotch to shoulder; it must not limit your mobility on shoulder/arm reach.

CYCLING APPAREL : Tri shorts have more flexibility than traditional biking shorts to accommodate the greater range of motion of both biking and running. Shirts are required for a triathlon during the running and biking portions. The best shirts are tight, lightweight shirts that absorb and hold onto perspiration and other liquids to keep your upper body cooler. It is preferable that they are lighter in color (as this will keep you cooler in the sun) and are sleeveless so that your arms will have freedom of movement while you run and there will be no chafing under your arms.

RUNNING : Lots of athletes will wear socks, and almost everyone will use elastic laces. Every athlete needs to wear their race number during the run and a race number belt is the best way to bring it along.