Clarity of Purpose

Having a clear vision… Action Steps

  • Write down your core values and beliefs (Who you are, and what do you truly believe in?)
  • Identify in writing, what you are passionate about
  • Then list your talents
  • Now, go back and re-read what you have written. Have you listed who you really are… or did you respond the way you wish you were… or how you think others would want you to respond?
  • Being completely honest with yourself is critical
  • Ask yourself if you are living a life that is consistent with these values, beliefs, passions, and talents
  • Create a picture in your mind of what you want, and who you want to be in your life
  • Make sure the picture is consistent with your core values
  • Make a “vision board” that reflects the vision that you have (If you don’t know how to create one, Google “vision boards” for some examples)
  • Set clear goals that are consistent with your vision and your core values and beliefs (See the chapter on goals in my book)
  • Use positive affirmations to support your vision… Remember, affirmations should be written in the first person, present tense, and they should be positive
  • Acknowledge and be thankful for what you have… Create an attitude of gratitude
  • Take consistent action that moves you toward your vision