Current Ventures

Founder  OMEALS   -

OMEALS are premium outdoor foods developed by athletes and outdoorsmen. OMEALS offer self-heating, fully cooked Homestyle Meals and Cheese Bites designed and developed for the outdoors. The first of their kind, OMEALS’ Homestyle meals feature a state-of-the-art flameless heating process that only requires 3-to-5 minutes with 3-to-5 ounces of liquid to activate – from fresh water and runoff, to iced tea and soda. OMEALS Homestyle Meals are shelf-stable for 3-years and Lightweight and easy to use, OMEALS offers a solution to tasty and hot anytime, anywhere meals and snacks. For more information about OMEALS, please visit



Founder  XMRE  -

XMRE is an International Company that manufactures, assembles and markets shelf stable food products. XMRE possesses decades of combined experience in the prepared food industry and for many years has been a supplier to militaries, international organizations, governments, and institutions around the world. XMRE solutions are designed to serve both military demand and the increased demand from the civilian marketplace that ranges from preparedness, rescue, disaster relief, camping, fitness, hunting, and other outdoor sports.




NEX-XOS is a leading  provider of  packaging and assembly contract services.  NEX-XOS specializes in shelf-stable foods, manufacturing, meal kit assembly and co-packing for customers around the world.

Founder  EverSafe MREs  - is the best available online store to purchase fresh and original EverSafe™ MRE Meal Kits (MRE type) manufactured by Wornick Foods. Eversafe is Shelf Stable, Self-Heating, Safe, Nutritious and Portable.

For more than 30 years The Wornick Company have been producing and providing high quality great tasting Feeding Rations and Ready to eat Meal Kits to government and non-governmental organizations around the world. Wornick Foods is currently the leading supplier to the U.S . Military and holder of SQF 2000 – Level 3 certification, the most stringent and highest level certification awarded in the food industry. is an authorized online retailer for EverSafe™ Ready to Eat Meal Kits making them available to general public

Founder  NL4S ( No Limits for Sports ) -

Company that provides a wide range of equipment and gear for a variety of sports ranging from cycling, running, swimming, triathlon representing the best brands available in the market. • Designed and created the Concept of the company• Commenced operations in February 2010• Developed relationships with key vendors and distributors • Developed relationships with Charitable organizations of the industry • Created and manage the on-line presence, and social media platforms • Actively participate in endurance sports events to promote the brand (