Saul Mishkin

Embracing Change In Hard Times of Business

Hard times will undoubtedly come – whether in a large scale, like what is currently going on with COVID-19 , or on a smaller and more personal scale. One thing is for sure, though, that as a business owner or CEO you will face difficult times. Some instances may be because of the economic climate and some may be an internal issue between employees, but the way to handle situations that arise can usually be dealt with by a few of the same simple steps. Although your hard times may seem astronomical, embracing change and being willing to compromise, adapt, and grow are never going to let you down. 

During hard times in business, one of the worst tactics to have is to simply “wait it out” and never make a pivot. Changing the way you approach a situation does not change you at the core. In fact, changing to adopt to difficult times is just a way to further your mission in a channel that allows for it in the current environment. 

For example, the businesses that were able to withstand this extremely difficult time of COVID-19 probably came up with some sort of alternate plan to keep serving their customers and clients. I witnessed fitness gyms offering virtual training, restaurants setting up meal kits to DIY at home, and even storefronts start an online shop within a few days to be able to ship product. This type of innovation was surely not easy and potentially not even what they would love to do everyday, but at the end of the day, it got their business through a time that was detrimental in so many ways. 

Have you found yourself looking for ways to adapt and change or have you been trying to stay put in one place? Having the freedom to try something new is oftentimes one of the best launching pads to success! 

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