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How To Feel More Inspired When Starting A Business

Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes, we feel full to the brim with ideas and next steps and sometimes we feel dry and uninspired. Inspiration is not a signal that you do or do not have a successful business idea – oftentimes, we just need a push in the right direction to feel like we’ve got the ideas soaring again. Are you in a place where the inspiration for your business hasn’t been as fruitful as it has in the past? Don’t worry! We have all been there. Here are a few ways in which you can seek fresh ideas & get inspired to be and do your best. 

  1. Speak your ideas (or lack of) to someone you trust. When we speak things out load and give it to someone else, many times their wheels start turning and their perspective on what we are going through can really help to inspire us. Sharing and being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness – in fact, just the opposite! It shows true strength to know that you need some guidance or someone to point you in the right direction. 
  2. That leads to the next point and that is to get a mentor. When you have a person that you trust and who has proven to be successful in this area in their life, you can learn from their mistakes and take advice from someone who has been there before. 
  3. Join a group of other business owners. This can be a local group or even just a group chat through text messages with people you know who are business owners and entrepreneurs. Having a safe place to share ideas and ask questions can really broaden your thinking and truly inspire new ideas to flow. 
  4. Do something you love. This might seem like the opposite thing to do in a time like this? Spend time on yourself and not the business? YES! Many times, getting your head out of it and taking a break can be just the thing you need to feel re-inspired. 

Even if you have the best idea for a business and an amazing branding package and a phenomenal marketing plan, there will still be days where you feel uninspired. Knowing how to handle those times will only make you stronger as a business owner and entrepreneur. 

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