Saul Mishkin

How To Overcome Setbacks In Business

As I go through life & take this journey, it has become more and more apparent that setbacks and disappointments aren’t the exception, but in certain seasons they can be the norm. Every person is faced with setbacks – whether in business or their personal life, and even if they never share them with the public they have to face them in private. Becoming successful is not about never having hard times, it’s all about how you overcome those. Since it’s inevitable, the best option is to always be prepared and on the ready so that you can overcome as quickly as possible and get back on the right path to success! 

Here are some of my tips for overcoming setbacks at work: 

  1. Build a solid foundation. Wherever you plant yourself, make sure that your first steps are building up a foundation. Know why you are doing what you are doing and the mission behind it. Having a solid backdrop means that no matter what challenges come your way, you have the long term goal in mind. 
  2. Acknowledge the issues. When setbacks come, one of the worst things you can do is ignore them. Figuring out the issue, why it came, and how you can avoid something similar in the future is how you grow and overcome. 
  3. Check your mindset. When something feels like a failure, many times it is just natural to feel down about it. In order to swiftly overcome and learn from a hard time, you have to change the way you view it. Sometimes, blessings in disguise come so that you can transition, learn, and grow in a whole new way. 
  4. Connect with others in this time. Opening up to other entrepreneurs or mentors and being able to talk things through is extremely beneficial. Many others have been through the same things and have found tactics to overcoming it. Being vulnerable is a great way to substantial growth. 
  5. Act. Don’t stop or give up – ever! If you have a mission and a vision for your business, you must not give up. Challenges only make you stronger. 

What have you learned from the challenges and setbacks in your business?

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