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Risk Comes Before Success – Why You Have To Take Risks In Business

There are times as a business owner that can be nerve wrecking & one of those is when you decide that it may be time to take certain risks. The word risk in and of itself tells us that there is something that can be lost, but the great thing is that there is also something that can be gained! If you want to see your business flourish, there will be many times when you have to take that risk. If you don’t, you will simply always be in the same spot and growth won’t be in your future. Risk taking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and especially when you have family and employees relying on you, it can feel debilitating. I want to encourage you today, from one entrepreneur to another, that if you believe in your product, work hard, manage strong, and take those risks, you can see greatness from your brand. 

My company, NEX-XOS saw lots of challenges, but also lots of sales during an intense time of natural disasters in the US. We sell our product to government agencies and disaster relief efforts, so when something tragic happens, we tend to have a spike in business. These times can be rather stressful since we know that it will take all of our resources to supply these orders – and oftentimes with 24 hour shifts, to be able to guarantee that we can help those in deep need.

Within this time, I realized that as the owner I needed to take some risks to grow our business and help establish a standard so that we can be ready at a moments notice for these types of increase in sales. Risks will never be an easy choice – that is why they are called risks in the first place. It is important to trust your gut & follow your heart as to what you believe your business is needing in certain seasons of its development. 

You can see more about how we decided to get a bigger warehouse and hire more staff, without the promise of more sales, but the hope and initiative to grow and sell more in the coming months and years: 

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