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Tips I Have Learned In Work – Life Balance

Being a successful business owner of multiple different companies, traveling all throughout the year for work, and still desiring to meet personal goals is a big task. I know that other entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking that perfect balance of work and life. Work-life balance comes in waves – sometimes it feels like you are doing it all perfectly and sometimes it feels like you are falling short in one area. The ability to balance it all does not come by accident, but by making it a priority each and every day to work through the day with that goal in the forefront. 

As I was training for Ultra – the 50 mile marathon – my life didn’t stop. If anything, it got crazier and more busy, so the ability for me to balance everything didn’t initially come easy. As you can see in Episode 2 of NEX-XOS Project (-), I slipped up and became a little frustrated during my time, just a few weeks into training for the marathon, when life seemed to come at me fast. I had a food show to attend in California and a trade show to attend in Denver. The insane hours, the long days on my feet, and the loss of my traditional routine at home threw my training regime for a loop. 

See a little more about that here: 

Looking back now, there are some tips that are beneficial & have helped to make that balance a little more manageable:

-Prioritize you time – each day. If you don’t have a clear plan for what you will do and when, then things tend to fall through the cracks. Make a detailed schedule of what you will do and block out that section of time to do it.
-Have realistic goals. If you know that you are going to be at a trade show for 10+ hours a day this week, then setting aside 2 hours to workout may not be possible. Maybe, though, on these days, making it a point to have intentional rest is beneficial to your body long term. The goals you set don’t have to be the same day in and day out. Figure out what your life needs in that moment and set goals realistic to that.
– Ask for others help. Delegate tasks that can be delegated. Some days are busier than others & instead of trying to do it all yourself & sacrificing personal time or family time, ask an employee for some assistance.

What have you learned about work-life balance?

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