Saul Mishkin

Tips To Starting A Successful Brand

Branding. It all starts with your personal vision & that is why building a brand can be so much fun and really a passion project for entrepreneurs! As I have worked over the years in creating my own companies, building brands is something I have done over and over again – systematically creating something meaningful to surround a product that I believe in! When starting your own brand, there are so many factors to consider, but one of the top priorities is to get it all written out and brainstorm. Run it by friends and mentors in business and flesh out exactly what will be your final product. 

Branding shouldn’t be an after thought. In fact, if you want your amazing product or service to be successful then a lot of that is riding on your ability to properly brand it so that your audience and potential customers know: 

who you are …


what you are doing to serve them …

What is this product? What problem of mine does it solve? How can I acquire this? Does it look like something that will benefit me? 

This is the starting point. Write down the answers to those questions as if you had to answer them for a customer right now. Knowing exactly how to respond to those questions above will help you to distinguish yourself in your industry and create a brand that answers those both consciously and subconsciously! 

Successful branding comes from smart marketing and passion. Do you have both? Make sure that it isn’t all about what YOU love but is a mix of what the industry standards and scientific data provide you for what the people like and feel, as well as your own spin to make it unique and stand out.  A blend of YOU and of YOUR INDUSTRY will be a perfect match.

Coming up with a branding package will only help catapult your business to the next level and retain the kind of customers you have been dreaming of. 

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