Saul Mishkin

Why I Decided To Run The 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon

Life is about so much more than just business. Business can be a huge motivator, a purpose, or a passion, but what we achieve in our personal lives and how we feel about our accomplishments & who we are is the driving factor truly. Although I have been an entrepreneur since I can remember – selling and trading things in school as a kid up until I started my own landscaping business at a young age in Peru – I still have found that what drives me is what i do and who I have behind the scenes. 

As a business owner and father, I am passionate about showing my family and my employees that anything is possible. There are no limitations on who you can become. I decided that I wanted to take part in this challenge of training for and completing a 50 mile ultra-marathon because it would take so much from me; time, energy, perseverance, and support from those who stand in my corner. If you can set your mind to it, and you can balance all of those constraints and valuables, then you will see what your mind and body can truly achieve. 

I am Saul – a father of 6, a business man, a husband, and dedicated to those completely, but I wanted to be able to do something more. Finding a challenge to push me to my limits was the goal & I certainly found that in the Ultra-Marathon. Throughout my time training, I was hit with a huge amount of uncertainties, hard times, and lack, but through it all my support system and I were able to overcome & that is really what life is all about. Overcoming trials together to reach a greater goal.

Here is a little insight into who I am & what inspires me to do what I do: 

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